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Wind rider for surfers: Yakusha Design »Air«

If you can't ride waves, then at least you should see the waves you could surf on. And besides, riding on the edge of a cliff. At least that's what the surfer accommodation »Air«, designed by Yakusha Design, looks like.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Serhiy Chornousov / Yakusha Design 10.06.2020 1 min

»The best surfer in the water is the one who has the most fun,« surfing icon Phil Edwards once said. Slightly modified, it can also be extended to a surfer's accommodation: The best house is the one closest to the ocean. A hot candidate for this would be »Air«: a cabin designed by Yakusha Design for surfers, which could stand on a cliff on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Or rather above it. Because the concept's all-round glazed living area with clear edges even floats above the cliff - matching the name - and is visually in the air.

For this purpose, the minimalist cabin with its beige furnishings is placed on a central pillar. The construction, which resembles a fin on a surfboard, not only serves the purpose of stability, but also houses the necessary supply lines and electronics. The latter also ensures that the intelligent windows can be made opaque if required - and instead of offering an impressive view, they provide privacy. The only question that remains is how to get the board from the cliff to the shore.