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Form follows Fun an Function

Schindelhauer hasn’t reinvented the bicycle. But they’ve made it more beautiful and more agile.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Presse 11.07.2019 1 min

Among the urban(e) cyclist, Schindelhauer already is a fixture. Even a home fixture – ever since people (read: hipsters) started showing off their bikes like works of art within their own four walls. With good reason. After all, Schindelhauer has tapped into a zeitgeist that not only is purist to the core, but which also provides the engineers with clear instructional guidelines for their design.

Less is more. The purging of superfluous elements is reflected in the minimalist design of the bicycle frames. These are developed by Schindelhauer itself with materials such as highquality 6061 aluminium, a perfect compromise between lightweight construction and durability. The result is a symbiosis of maximum functionality and a design that is as linear as a one-way street – carefully complemented by meaningful features. Like a classic leather saddle from Brooks, a pioneer of tradition in its field.

Schindelhauer likes to keep things elegant and simple. You could also call it timeless. But aesthetics isn’t everything. Schindelhauer has tailored some truly innovative technology into its single-speed and fixed-gear bikes. It is the first bicycle manufacturer ever to work exclusively with a toothed belt drive. And with Gates CarbonDrive™, Schindelhauer has brought the right partner on board. The advantages of a belt drive are clear to see: no noise, no maintenance, no grease. Truly elegant. Not only when you park the bike as an ornament on your parquet floor. But also when, in keeping with the bike’s intended use, you put some asphalt beneath the wheels.