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Well played: Alain Gilles‘ »Pure«

Soccer? A rather difficult subject at the moment. Fortunately, designer Alain Gilles and »Debuchy by Toulet« offer an elegant solution to the dilemma surrounding the ball: with the »Pure« foosball table, the greatest pastime in the world can be pursued from the home office in (stylistically) confident fashion.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Presse 26.05.2020 2 min

Less is more - does not apply to design, but still to the number of contacts. It's good that the »Pure« foosball table from »Debuchy by Toulet« combines both requirements. And on top of that it also solves the problem that the classic soccer as a contact sport has. The exclusive foosball table uses rods and player figures made of chrome-plated aluminum. The oak wood finish rounds off the plastic body and design of the table in a tactically clever way. The shape of the table is based on the architecture of modern arenas and deliberately focuses on soft and reduced lines - it stands stable on four legs made of solid oak.

In the configurator, the »Pure« can be designed completely according to your own wishes. You can choose between 23 different colors in matt and satin finish. Besides oak, teak is also available. Details such as the handles can also be customized.