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We, the people: Onassis 800

This was the motto of the Onassis 800 »Streetart.Motorsport.Revival.« Which is a rather concise summary of the Porsche meeting. A lot of Porsche crazy people who came from all over Europe with their treasures to celebrate their passion together this weekend. At first nobody knew exactly what the 800 in the name of the five-part event series actually stood for.

Text: Natalie Diedrichs Photo: SSSZphoto 02.09.2019 2 min

Event organizer Tom Gädtke and his team kept this secret until the very end. On Saturday, the 290 Porsche drivers were first guided to an inconspicuous gravel field to find out that the actual meeting would take place at a completely different location: on a kart track in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), which is exactly 800 meters long. Aha! On this asphalted track, which was wonderfully framed by tire stacks and red and white curbs, the Porsche cars then threaded one behind the other like the pearls of a very colorful chain.

As soon as the metal doors were slammed shut, the fuel talks followed. Very familiar gasoline conversations, to be exact, because everyone knew each other anyway. And if that wasn't the case, it usually changed within minutes. Greeting by handshake, then a warm embrace. The journey from Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands or England, which was not air-conditioned but air-cooled, was still in most people's bones, »but that's part of it«, they said, shrugging their shoulders.

There was enough to discuss, because Instagram was practically dead due to a lack of mobile phone reception, but the mixture of classic Porsche was really nice: G-models, F-models, 964, 993, 914, 924, 944, 356, 996 or 986 Boxster and even a 906 - hard to say which of the partly lovingly restored, partly casually patinated old- and youngtimers was the highlight of the event. Fortunately Onassis 800 didn't need an answer to this question: The winner was simply the one who had the most beautiful helmet with him. If he had one with him.

Trophies were not important anyway. It was the good time that counted. And the wonderful sounds of the boxer engines, which howled up when someone turned up on the long straight. For example Ring Police boss and YouTube star Jan-Erik Slooten, who had his GT2 RS Clubsport with him - one of the few »Water boilers« on the course. That bothered no one, he also got applause and many thumbs up. The Alfas and BMWs, which had mixed among the Porsche people, were also curiously looked at from all sides.

It was actually like in the cinema, while one strolled across the track- one blockbuster followed the other and there was even popcorn available, as well as street art. The young Frenchman Julien Lampre showed trendy Porsche sketches, while Frank Kayser exhibited some of his highly traded works. Of course we were also there with ramp and Crazy About Porsche. By the way, we shared an Airstream with Kayser, which he used as an exhibition space and we as reading corner. To the left an Indian red GT3 RS, to the right Kayser's 964 in Sternrubin - that's how it was.

But, the Onassis 800 Streetart Motorsport Revival was an extremely relaxed, highly sociable and extremely entertaining affair. No wonder that »BOXENGASSE« founder Frank Cassidy answered the question »Why are you crazy about Porsche?« without any hesitation with: »It's the people.«