Wir haben dem Fuchs mal guten Tag gesagt: ein Porsche Talk mit Social-Media-Star Magic Fox
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We said hello to the fox: a Porsche Talk with social media star Magic Fox

What does a stylistically confident social media star like Daniel Fuchs combine with a suit and sneaker? Right: a Porsche. In an interview he talks about coolness, dreams of life and this one brand that connects everything.

Interview: Alexander Morath Photo: Daniel Fuchs 18.01.2019 4 min

Klausenpass or California: Where does a Daniel Fuchs prefer to move his Porsche?

Preferably even on the Nürburgring or the Bilster Berg. Curvy pass roads are of course always welcome, as it is here that the 911 feels most at home. However, it's really the case that I enjoy every lap on the Nordschleife or as this year on the Bilster Berg very much. And if I had to choose, it would be the Klausen Pass.

You are a trained mechanical engineer and with 1.7 million subscribers one of the most successful fitness and fashion influencers in the world. So you combine both aesthetic intuition and technical understanding. What do you like about the Porsche brand: the technology or the design?

It's certainly a mix of both. The timeless design combined with the constantly impressive technology makes the Porsche brand perfect for me. Just now, with the launch of the 992, the »Timeless Machine« in its eighth generation has once again made headway. The design remains classic and the first glance is immediate: »A real 911.« Unfortunately I'm not driving the 992 yet, but this will come very soon, and I'm already totally excited about the 8-speed PDK and the comparison to the 991. Porsche simply understands how to be and remain classic and still be one step ahead in technology.

Wir haben dem Fuchs mal guten Tag gesagt: ein Porsche Talk mit Social-Media-Star Magic Fox

Together with two buddies you run the lifestyle blog »The Modern Man«. How does such a »Modern Man« actually feel about a »Classic Car«, an air-cooled original 911?

A primal elf is still my personal dream. A 964 or 993 is an absolute dream car for me. Since I was influenced early by my father, who always screws his own air-cooled 993 Carrera S, the original 911s are absolute highlights for me. And what could be better than getting out of your 993 in a suit and cool combined sneakers on a summer's day? Stylish? One hundred percent.

Which term does the Porsche attitude to life get to the point for you?

Understatement. Not exactly with the GT2 or GT3 RS, but there are so many super sports cars that want to sound exactly that outward: »Look here, I'm loud, fast and prolific.« What has always fascinated me about Porsche is that it's never about making the biggest impression, but you can always be sure you're sitting in the most precise and perfect car. And this is personally much more important to me than the looks when you drive over the »Kö« at 40 km/h in Düsseldorf.

How do you define the term »coolness« for yourself?

As I mentioned above, it would certainly be »cool« to get out of an air-cooled 993 in a loose suit with sneakers on a summer day, wouldn't it? ;-)
Kidding aside. »Coolness« for me has a lot to do with well-being. If you generally feel comfortable with what you're doing, what you're wearing, or even with topics that suit you, you automatically seem »cool“. That's why I usually move in exactly those areas that I enjoy and with which I can authenticate myself well.

Sporty-elegant and of timeless design: If you like, the Porsche 911 is the black T-shirt among the cars. A fitting comparison?

Definitely. A well-fitting black T-shirt. ;-)
Seriously: I think that a 911 is not too pushy and still gets to the point. Whoever drives a 911 knows what he wants. Do not pump yourself up or have your car always in the front row, so that everyone can see it, but be the first to cross the finish line. ;-)

The perfect outfit for driving a Porsche?

Definitely sneakers. I don't like driving in boots at all. Then some comfortable jeans and T-shirt. Jackets that are too thick or uncomfortable clothes are a nuisance. If it gets a bit more sporty, i.e. Track Day or tourist ride on the Ring, also like a pair of racing shoes and gloves and of course helmet. The good news is: Whether suit or casual - so far everything has always fit. :-)

Wir haben dem Fuchs mal guten Tag gesagt: ein Porsche Talk mit Social-Media-Star Magic Fox

In front of you lies the highway and a two-hour drive: Do you prefer to be alone and one with the road on such a road trip or do you enjoy being on the road in company?

Both. Then it depends on whether the ride is curvy and the weather plays along, so that I can drive a little more dynamically, and then the co-driver should have a firm stomach in any case. I also drive a lot on my own, I like to go for a drive on Sunday if time permits. Here I like to use the app Porsche GTS Routes, which shows you the best tracks with ratings directly nearby. I can only recommend it. It's free and I've often found great tracks there.

Which song should not be missing in the playlist?

Of course it all depends on the playlist, but when I'm driving I usually listen to some relaxed music to simply enjoy the moment more. But there are also enough moments when no music is playing. It's not like GTS doesn't sound good enough already. :-)

Wir haben dem Fuchs mal guten Tag gesagt: ein Porsche Talk mit Social-Media-Star Magic Fox