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We can do it differently!

A Porsche is only suitable for sporty driving? No way! The Zuffenhauseners are true all-rounders. Here are our Top 5.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche 20.05.2019 1 min


Breakfast at Tiffany's? Anybody can do that. In our eyes it is more stylish with the 917/20: It’s tail is the perfect breakfast table. And in the paint job of the so-called "Sau" from 1971 it gets twice as delicious. Promised!


No trailer? No problem. With a 356 Cabrio you don't go swimming but simply load your boat onto the roof of the open sports car. Always remain open for new solutions!

911Carrera CS

This is how diapers change at turbo speed: The rear spoiler not only provides downforce, but also simplifies the change of trousers in the younger semesters. We've always known: A Porsche is simply multifunctional.


We don't want to lead anyone onto a slippery slope: But who needs mountains when they have an air-cooled boxer from Stuttgart? That makes Carving twice as fun - whether in the 356 or on skis.


Cabriolet-feeling redefined: Let's leave the top up for a change despite the bright summer sun. Why? For perfect sunbathing, of course. A more beautiful sunbed than the 914 might be hard to find, right?

The mid-engined sports car is celebrating its 50th birthday these days - which is why the Porsche Museum is dedicating a five-week special show to it. It starts on the 2nd of June with the "Typisch Porsche Tag” (“Typical Porsche Day”). All fans of the legendary two-seater will then gather in Zuffenhausen at the Porscheplatz. More than 120 owners of private 914 models have already announced their arrival.