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Washed with all waters

Run a small family owned shipyard on Lake Como? You could say that someone is swimming with the current there. But with Erio Matteri it's different. To ensure that the classic Riva yachts make rapid progress on the water in his small manufactory, he takes his time with their restoration. And he pays particular attention to the details.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Kirill Kirsanov · 24.08.2020 2 min

Exclusive, fast and restored by real experts? We are talking about the iconic Riva motor boats, which are maintained on Lake Como by Erio Matteri. The Italian is already the fourth generation of the Matteri family to run a small shipyard that has become the first port of call for Riva owners. Founded in 1865 by Enrico, the workshop was passed on to his son Amos in 1930 - but not without receiving the Worker's Order of Merit for outstanding craftsmanship. And, besides, to earn an excellent reputation for building the local »batels«, better known today as »Lucia«.

His name is made by Erio, son of Amos, but as perhaps the best restorer of the world famous Riva yachts. For several decades he has been restoring the legendary boats by hand and with all his experience and care. Since the 1960s, they have helped shape the image on the lake - and the life of the Matteris. Just like the demand of the very exclusive clientele: Bill Gates, but also Antoinio Banderas and George Clooney visited the now 65 year old for the boats. And, immortalized in photographs, they hang on the wall of the small workshop in Lezzeno.

Quite analogous to the yachts, which can reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour, which Erio treats with special attention. Is it raining? If no plastic sheeting or similar is used, a cotton blanket must suffice - it offers the best compromise between rain protection and protection of the sensitive wooden surface. Just a detail, but probably one of the secrets of Erio's success. Only the boats themselves are rapidly advancing through the water, their restoration not so much. Why? »Because that way you get the same high level of craftsmanship.« And you can respond to the wishes of your customers.

In addition to the restoration of the Riva boats, Matteri also offers a fleet of exclusive boats for hire for excursions on Lake Como. For more information: