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Wake-up-Cup: Joy Resolve Barisieur

Fresh and boiling hot coffee in the morning? Not everybody's cup of tea. With the »Barisieur« from Joy Resolve, it doesn't make a difference what you like better. Because the Tea & Coffee alarm clock is just as much into beans as into herbs.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Opumo 25.03.2020 1 min

Let's treat ourselves to the luxury and have a coffee made. If it's not possible in the café of our choice, then perhaps the »Bariseur« from Joy Resolve will help. Because the Tea & Coffee alarm clock not only wakes you up, but also takes care of the second part of the morning routine. It brews the hot drink of choice at a perfect 94 degrees. In addition to functional glass containers and a clear look, this multi-talented device also features a durable stainless steel filter. The brewing function and alarm clock can also be used separately. Whatever the morning choice, the integrated mini fridge in the »Barisieur« is sure to provide fresh milk for fine tuning. So that the day begins with perfect coffee or tea - and not with cold feet on the way into the kitchen.

The versatile alarm clock is available either in black or white. Just like your favourite hot beverage of choice.

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