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Unlimited possibilities

A story made for this country that loves nothing more than the meteoric rise. On and off the racetrack.

Text: Maximilian Eder Photo: Porsche 09.05.2019 1 min

Porsche did not always have an easy time in the USA. A sleek sports car in the land of Hemi V8 engines and road cruisers? And a little more expensive than the rest? For many years, Americans could not understand that quality has its price. Ferry Porsche was already skeptical about the market launch in 1950. "If you sell five cars in one year, I'm already satisfied," he is said to have said to the importer Max Hoffman at the time.

According to the motto of the American car salesman, "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday", it meant winning races. With the growing number of victories, they also became aware of the Zuffenhauseners on the other side of the Atlantic. And we know that German engineering art is winning on American soil, at least since Mark Donohue and the Can-Am `73 up to the RS Spyder between 2006 and 2008. A long, long time ago. And Porsche is still moving border after border in the land of unlimited possibilities. Highspeed the Swabian way.

After the lap record on the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, we now went to the Road America circuit at Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin. A track with a legendary high-speed layout and the infamous "Kink", a kink in the back straight. The vehicle: Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The man behind the wheel: David Donohue, class winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona and Le Mans. The target: Lap record.

The existing production car lap record had already been set by a Porsche. And only Porsche drives faster than a Porsche. For the 6.515 kilometre circuit with 14 corners and various height differences, Donohue needed 2:15.17 minutes and therefore was about two seconds faster.

A sales argument for the 300,000 € racer? That shouldn't be necessary anymore. There will probably be more Porsche owners in Santa Monica, California, than in Zuffenhausen.