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Top Run: Taycan on the flight deck

145 kilometers per hour in just 10.17 seconds? Not everyone can do that. The fully electric Taycan can. All that remains is the question of what the braking power is: After all, at the end of this test track there is no run-off zone waiting, but the depth of the ocean. Let's take a closer look at that.

Text: Thomas Crown Photo: Porsche 03.09.2019 1 min

It will be another year before the second part of "Top Gun" is released in German cinemas. Not bad. After all, the anticipation of the continuation of the cult film from 1986 can be bridged with this short film. In the leading roles: Racing driver Shea Holbrook, the new Porsche Taycan and the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Hornet.

Instead of daring manoeuvres in the air, Shea dares a demonstration of grip, stability and performance. And that's what it looks like: She accelerates the 600 hp Taycan from a standstill towards the ocean. Vrooooooom. From zero to one-forty-five. Then a stomp on the irons. Ceramic brakes bite. The smell of tyre abrasion is in the air. But is that enough for a happy ending? See for yourself.