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Timo Bernhard: »I'll work until it's perfect.«

A fast dance with Timo Bernhard in a 911 GT2 RS on the ice in Zell am See. Quick questions, quick answers. The rest was counter-steering and holding the drift.

Text: Nadine Hanfstein Photo: Matthias Mederer 27.02.2019 1 min

A recipe for success?

"My recipe for success? Uncompromising passion. While other youths went to buy a moped or celebrate with the money they had saved, I spent it all on the next set of tires."

How's driving on ice?

"Racing on ice is like dancing. With the only difference that I can't dance."

Just for fun or with competition ambitions?

"The GP Icerace was all about the fun of driving. But tell that to a race driver. You can't turn off the competition, you watch what the other does and somehow try to be a bit better."

How did you even get into racing?

"At the age of four, I was on the racetrack every weekend with my father. That left an impression. When his buddies asked me what I wanted to be, I said: Racers like you. But I want to make money with it."

How do you approach things in everyday life, new hobbies for example?

"When I start new hobbies, I'm like in racing. I'll work until it's perfect. That is the benchmark. Once I thought I had to take his moped apart with my buddy. My father just raised an eyebrow. Of course, we couldn't get it back together."

Who was your first sponsor in racing?

"My first sponsor was astonishingly from the motorcycle segment. But I never dared to ride a motorcycle. Too dangerous."

How do you prepare for a race?

"We don't use VR technology for the preparation, but a driving simulator specially developed by Porsche: A movable platform on which an entire cockpit is installed. In front, an oversized semicircular screen. Especially if you stand behind the construct during a strong braking maneuver, you can see how realistic it is."