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Timeless Machines: Daft Punk feat. Porsche 356

Because we're happy: French photographer Calvin Courjon has already given us the summer hit of the year with this mix.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Calvin Courjon 30.04.2019 1 min

"One more time"? We'd like to change that to "always". After all, Daft Punk's international number one hits from 2001 always fits to every occasion, which, by the way, applies to almost every single of the French electro duo. Because the harmonious, homogeneous mix of funk, progressive house and techno is simply: timelessly good. Which immediately and at least as amusedly brings us to the forefather of all Zuffenhausen sports cars: the 356 - a symbol, from which Ferry Porsche derived an entire brand philosophy. From that point of view it would be a great idea to bring the two together once for a common clip, the 356 and Daft Punk. And that's exactly what the French photographer Calvin Courjon has now done as part of a production for the online magazine Type7. At least almost. While the Porsche looks like the original, the Daft Punk duo on display are two models with authentic Robo replica helmets. For us this production is nevertheless absolutely hit-suspicious.