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Time for coffee: Kinto Slow Coffee

World Coffee Day was on October 1st, and getting a "coffee to go" is a thing of the past. Why did we wait until today with the awakening beans? Because of the »Slow Coffee Specialty S02« from Kinto. With the minimalist coffee machine from the Japanese manufacturer, you will take your time for a good cup of coffee.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Kinto 26.11.2019 1 min

The first coffee right after getting up is especially tasty. And ineffective. Says Steven Miller from the University of Maryland. Because the body wakes itself wiht its own hormone cortisol in the first hours of the day. And that's why the caffeine from the popular hot drink goes up in smoke, according to the researcher. A prescription against it? Drink your coffee an hour and a half after getting up - or use the »Slow Coffee Specialty S02« from Kinto. The minimalist coffee machine ensures that you take enough time to brew your morning cup.

A stain-resistant stand made of dark walnut wood, an adjustable brass rod and a filter that gets by without paper not only make the »SCS-S02« an experience - but also the cooking itself. The water is poured in patiently by hand, filtered with a fine steel strainer. One only has to wait until the boiling water has run into the glass jug positioned on the wooden stand. There, two simple dots show not only a reduction to the essentials, but also whether one took two or four cups of time at the start of the day.