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The world's most sporty sticker album? A Porsche!

Panini? Please... It almost seems that way, that the most sporty sticker album has recently come from Porsche.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: SSSZphoto · 08.02.2019 2 min

People like to mark their possessions. And achievements as well. We remember hickeys. Or on 14 December 1911, when the polar explorer Roland Amundsen had opened up the geographical South Pole and as his first official act rammed the Norwegian flag directly into the eternal ice. A few decades later, Neil Armstrong set up a flag on the moon.

You can do that. As long as this rather obtrusive form of territorial behaviour does not go so far that people suddenly attach flags to new cars. That's what the Soccer World Cup is for.

Porsche owners therefore follow a much more subtle path to imprint their property with the stamp. Or rather, to stick it on. That's right: They bet on stickers. So on classic decals which are available in countless logo variants and which many Porsche drivers now show off as proudly as a bodybuilder shows off his biceps.

But what is really behind it? Marking territory? The desire for distinction? Design-compatible tuning? We asked around the scene once.


»In the end, it's just a piece of tin. My tin, though. Each sticker is therefore carefully chosen and tells a very personal story about me or my Porsche. About history or technology, for example. About road trips, friendships, evening barbecues or screwing together at the roadside. In short: Stories that only those who have experienced them can understand. My beloved tin!«


»In my case it has something to do with racing, individualisation and Magnus Walker's »277«. And of course the personal taste is always decisive. After all, there are many ways to individualize your own car. With a lot or little money, but stickers are the cheapest. But that's not my point. With each sticker the personal reference and the common identity grows. So it is not a monetary investment, but much more a personal one. The stickers on my Porsche remind me where I've been and what moments I've shared with whom. It's a living process that hopefully will never end.«


»A sticker on my Porsche? I'd love to. However, one of these criteria must be met:

  1. The design appeals to me.
  2. I have a personal connection to the company or the sticker label.
  3. I want to cover something up. Rust or paint scratches, for example. Or an unsightly fixed interior mirror. (laughs).«