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The Stanley Kubrick Archive

We admit it: ...we can't get enough of Stanley Kubrick's movies. It's a good thing Alison Castles has created a reference work on the director and his work.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: TASCHEN Verlag 04.06.2020 1 min

Thanks to Gregory Monro's documentary, »Kubrick by Kubrick«, we were able to get a picture of Stanley Kubrick. With Alison Castle's book, »The Stanley Kubrick Archive«, we now read between the lines of the cinematic genius. On 864 pages you will find essays by leading experts, interviews with the enigmatic director - as well as numerous still images from his films that characterize this visually stunning book.

Alison Castles has also integrated set designs, sketches, correspondence, writing, scripts, concepts and notes into her published work. In doing so, she has not only created probably the most comprehensive work dedicated to the perfectionist American - but also the best and most visually appealing. Stanley Kubrick would have liked it.

"The Stanley Kubrick Archive", hardcover, 14 x 19.5 cm, 1.26 kg, 864 pages. TASCHEN Verlag, 15 Euros.