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The sports car among the Smartwatches: Porsche Design Huawei GT2

Good design? Has just as much tradition at Porsche as the sports cars. Particularly in the watches created in the Porsche Design factory. With the »Porsche Design Huawei GT2«, Porsche is now presenting a top model in the smart timepieces segment.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Porsche Design 27.10.2020 1 min

Clearly, a GT2 is visually very appealing, light and sporty. Nevertheless, you cannot wear this good piece on your wrist. Such a full-grown sports car is simply too big and bulky for a human wrist. But this will change in November: Thanks to the cooperation between Porsche Design and Huawei, the abbreviation known for high performance will also be used for the Smartwatches. It is in no way inferior to its namesake on four wheels. A titanium chassis meets a matching bracelet made of the same lightweight material, pure sapphire crystal on the front and skin-friendly ceramic on the back. In terms of performance, the watch offers up to two weeks of battery life, 4 GB of storage, and Bluetooth 5.1 ensure up-to-date performance in addition to the usual health functions around pulse measurement, oxygen concentration in the blood and sleep rhythm. Also on board: more than a hundred training modes - so that the driver is then fit enough for the 911 GT2.

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