The Porsche Art Book: Kunstform Porsche
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The Porsche Art Book: Art form Porsche

They all have one thing in common: the inspiration Porsche. The Porsche Art Book presents 20 international artists who have given in to Porsche's inspiration and thus become works of art in their own right.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Presse 26.12.2018 1 min

To see a work of art in a Porsche, a dream car in the truest sense of the word is not particularly difficult with a little petrol in your blood. One can smile today, thinking back to the 1980s when even the marketing department flirted with this message very concretely: "Honestly now, did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Nissan or a Mitsubishi?" it said on the 911 poster. The message was clear.

Today such a Porsche inspires all the more, inspires to dream and creates new art. In every Porsche, there is a work of art. The first Porsche Art Book presents 20 international artists who not only dreamed of a Porsche in their youth but for whom such a 911 still shoots wildly through the synapses. From painting to sculpture and photography to digital art, the methods of expressing its art vary, but everyone agrees on the matter. The opulent picture is curated by the German painter Uli Hack, who himself became famous for his Formula 1 posters.

In addition to the regular edition, a version limited to 100 copies with a signed art print of his is available. The 264-page, 29 x 34-centimetre book was also published jointly with the Delius Klasing Verlag. The price for the regular edition is 128 Euro, for the limited version 199 Euro.