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»The Carrera is the most beautiful car out there«

Elyas M’Barek is one of Germany’s biggest movie stars. We asked the thirty-seven-year-old actor to step in front of the camera for us as well, albeit for a fashion shoot. Our conversation touched on the plannability of good moments, how he feels luck – and his taste for good food and Porsche cars.

Interview: Michael Köckritz Photo: Marc Rehbeck 28.02.2020 3 min

Mr. M’Barek, do you like to plan or do you prefer to improvise?

I’m definitely the kind of person who needs order. And I’m happy when a plan works out.

Can one plan to be lucky?

No. At best, you can plan good moments. Though when plans work out, that can make you happy. But anyway, happiness is a very elastic term that everyone defines differently.

Then let’s get personal. What does happiness mean to you?

That’s not an easy question. Perhaps I can describe the things that make me happy: good food, good music or a nice trip. For me, good moments are those when I’m together with people I like. It’s been said that happiness is being able to live your life the way you want.


Yes, freedom also means happiness. We can count ourselves lucky to be living in a country where we can express our opinion.

Have you had much luck in your life so far?

Yes, but you don’t get very far on luck alone. In one’s profession, talent is also important. Though you can certainly find yourself in the right place at the right time and describe that as a happy coincidence. In that sense, I’ve certainly had a lot of luck in my life.

Some happy moments are associated with luxury. How would you define luxury?

Like I said before: good food, accompanied by the right wine. That, for me, is luxury – and happiness. I can even heighten the experience: when I can enjoy some really good food in a far-away place, for example. Just being able to afford something like that is a luxury in itself.

So you like to drive, too?

I’m a big Porsche fan. Porsche is my favorite car company. Currently I’m driving a 911 Targa GTS. I’ve also had a 911 Turbo and a Carrera 4S. But the Targa is my favorite model right now.

What makes you crazy about Porsche?

Is it a guy thing? Even as a child I found Porsche to be amazing. Porsche radiates an incredible sense of certainty and self-assurance with a certain amount of understatement. It’s a great sports car that doesn’t come across as lowbrow like some representatives of other brands. Elegance and self-confident demeanor, without being too pushy or self-absorbed. And Porsche builds just incredibly aesthetic cars. The Carrera is simply the most beautiful car out there.

On the finsih straight: Do you have any wishes for the near future?

No, not really. Or, well ... as I get older, I notice an increased desire to be healthy. I didn’t think much about that before. As a young person, you feel good health is a given. Except for a few minor aches and pains, I never gave the topic much thought. But now I see how even little ailments are having a bigger impact among acquaintances, friends and relatives. The only wish I have now is to stay healthy.