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The Carrera GT: Back in Black

Not every childhood love becomes more beautiful with the years. The Carrera GT does. This is also the opinion of automotive photographer Keno Zache. Trough pictures and texts, he describes his impressions of the reunion with the iconic mid-engine bolide from Zuffenhausen.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Keno Zache 28.05.2020 1 min

»The Porsche Carrera GT is and remains for me something like the legendary unicorn among cars. And of course, it was always a childhood dream of mine.«

»Even back then the car hung as a poster in my room, later it was also the background image on my first computer. To be able to photograph it now is of course something incredibly special.«

»I associate pure emotions with the car: an incredible and unmistakable V10 sound and this extremely timeless, successful design.«

»Every time I see - or hear - a Carrera GT, I get goose bumps. Like when I sat in one for the first time.«

»Everyone should know that as a racing car for the road it is not necessarily easy to drive - but that is exactly what makes the car so special to me.«