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The board: Time for a »grab«

The circle is a perfect figure. Perfectly shaped base for the wheels of our skateboard, but rather unsuitable as a deck. Chia-wei Chen proves the opposite with »the board«.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Chia-wei Chen 09.10.2019 1 min

The three most important questions in life: Coffee or tea, convertible or coupé, design or functionality? At least you don't have to decide between the latter with Chia-wie like Chen's »the board«. Because in its dynamic skateboard structure, the Taiwanese combines aesthetics, fun and practicality in equal measure. Thanks to 57 swivel joints and an ingenious construction, the round design object becomes a functioning cruiser in no time at all. And it could soon roll onto the market as well, because the designer has planned to publish the board as a data set for 3D printers. No doubt, we want to do a »grab« and to get both hands on this board.