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The 24 minutes of Le Mans

Always the same old record? Boring. Together with Grabarz & Partner, Porsche is therefore presenting a record that looks refreshingly different. In a number of ways.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Porsche 20.02.2019 1 min

Racing successes can be repeated. But recycled? It also works, as Porsche proves with the audio project "The 24 Minutes of Le Mans". In cooperation with the advertising agency Grabarz & Partner, the sports car manufacturer from Zuffenhausen melted down the original tires of the triple Le Mans winning vehicle "919 Hybrid" and quickly processed the remains into a Vinyl record. This not only look authentic, but also sounds like it. Because the 24 chapters of the elaborately produced vinyl record recount Porsche's most formative Le Mans moments. Among others, Steve McQueen's son Chad, Walter Röhrl, Hans-Joachim Stuck and Dr. Wolfgang Porsche have their say. "The 24 Minutes of Le Mans" is limited to 200 copies and comes in a package with a lock based on the original center lock of the racing tyres.