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Targa Shooting: »Freestyle is the best way for me«

In Munich? Stands the Hofbräuhaus. And sometimes even a Targa drives around there. More precisely: a Targa from 1979,registered to Sebastian Toddenroth. For his last drive through the Bavarian state capital, the automobile designer has sought some reinforcement and found it in the form of the photographer Sebastian Hofmann. The result: a series of pictures that looks beyond the edge of the wheat beer glass and shows the dynamics of a young, modern Munich. We talked to the 25-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Kempten about the shoot.

Interview: Alexander Morath Photo: Sebastian Hofmann 09.09.2019 2 min

Munich, city centre. Many people. Full streets. How do you photograph under such conditions?

Under such conditions you move very freely, you only pay attention to the motif and should make sure that you are not run over. But it's a lot of fun to throw yourself into the turmoil.

How would you describe your way of working: Freestyle or systematic according to plan?

At the shoot with the Targa everything was freestyle. That's the best way for me to make atmospheric shots. On the other hand, of course, there are also commissions where you have to proceed according to plan.

Your personal highlight of the shoot?

The shots at Bahnwärter Thiel were fun. Cool location and cool people, the combination made it happen.

Which photo is your favorite?

The shot between the gates with the graffiti brings everything together for me: Art, alternative living space, plus the Porsche Targa. For me, this is where everything that makes up the Porsche attitude to life comes together.

Is a Porsche a easy motif?

If you're a researcher like me, then there's nothing better. If you look at the automotive world, then Porsche is simply the brand that moves me the most: So much passion, so much perfection, so much emotion when it comes to driving. That makes every Porsche a "easy motif"

What makes the perfect photo for you?

There's no recipe for the perfect picture, but there are pictures that look longer because they convey something, they captivate the viewer and that's what makes a good photo for me.

How important is the location?

The location is usually not as important as the emotion that the picture conveys - but for some works you need a location that speaks for itself. So you can say that the location plays a big role. But that depends on the assignment.

How did you get into photography?

I used to take photos and videos with my friends while skating. So at some point one thing came to the other: I started an apprenticeship, then got some customers. I started at the age of 13.