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Targa 4 GTS: Porsche of the day

How much Porsche would you like? If the answer is simply "yes", then the hour of the 911 Targa 4 GTS has arrived. Hardly any other 911 combines as many useful features as the sportiest Targa version of the previous 991 generation.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Kyle Meyr 10.09.2020 1 min

Is it open or closed now? It doesn't really matter, because in the 911 Targa 4 GTS, all options are open to you either way. The special 911 with the three letters and the number »four« in its name combines the best of all worlds: the safety of a coupé meets the fresh air of a convertible, while the sportiness of a GTS meets reliable all-wheel drive. The individual ingredients have already proven their worth in previous models and generations. Light alloy rims with central locking? You know them best from the GT models from Flacht. The particularly wide-body, the four-wheel drive, and the six-cylinder engine with 450 HP in the rear? All already seen in the Carrera 4 GTS. And tested with pleasure.

Also well known is the Sport Chrono Package in the cockpit: thanks to it the steering wheel loses all unnecessary controls in favor of light aluminum struts, while the interior gains the stopwatch in the middle of the cockpit. The Targa 4 GTS also has its own exclusive features though: black lettering on the roll bar and the rear end is combined with satin-finish air intakes, darkened taillights, and its own sports exhaust system. Combined with the legendary Targa glass dome, its ingenious mechanics and 130 pre-programmed race tracks in the Track Precision App give us what? Probably the perfect all-rounder for convertible enjoyment including winter road trips or detours to the race track.