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Supreme performance: Mac Tools x Supreme Workstation

The name says it all: The "Mac Tools x Supreme T5025P Tech Series Workstation" not only makes a good visual impression, but also convinces functionally.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Supreme 21.02.2020 1 min

So that's what happens when a fashion brand and a tool manufacturer join forces: we're talking about the "Mac Tools x Supreme T5025P Tech Series Workstation". After all, the crossover tool trolley is a big deal, not only visually. With dimensions of 127 x 63 x 104 centimeters, it also offers enough space for the appropriate equipment. And thus also inner values. Above all, it also boasts the usual Mac Tool quality: ten large compartments are combined with chemical and petrol resistant surfaces, a durable vinyl mat on the top and a power supply on the front. The end result is both visually appealing and extremely practical. In any case it looks good in the workshop. It only gets better when the matching 911 is next to it.