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Onassis presents: streetart-motorsport-revival

End of August, »streetart.motorsport.revival.« is on. What's behind it and what you can look forward to, that's what founder Tom Gaedtke told us in the interview.

Interview: Alexander Morath Photo: onassis events media team 30.07.2019 5 min

Have you taken out travel cancellation insurance? Good. Even better: If you make direct use of it. Anyone planning to travel at the end of August will miss one of the Porsche highlights of the year: the »streetart. motorsport.revival.« Probably still best known as »Tunnel Run«. Now it's all tunnelled out, though. On the occasion of the fun-filled jubilee of the internationally renowned scene meeting from Onassis Events, everything will be new. Means: new name, new orientation. This also includes the fact that the event series is now based on a special theme. The »800« makes the beginning, whereby we can only puzzle over the meaning of this number so far. »Let us surprise you«, said initiator Tom Gaedtke and made us really curious with this statement. We'll check with Tom.

Could you at least give us some pointers on »streetart. motorsport. revival.«?

When we restructured the concept, we looked around in all directions and repeatedly ended up with the wild »seventies«. A time which was particularly important for the racing history of the Porsche brand and which still has a decisive influence on all of us today, consciously or unconsciously. This is especially true for our participants, who now come from all over Europe. Even in 2019, many modernly interpreted vehicles will continue to feature details from the most exciting motorsport era ever.

Okay. We're getting closer. So are Porsche models from the seventies explicitly desired?

No, not at all! In contrast to many other events we do not exclude anyone with his vehicle. When we talk about Porsche vehicles, we are just as happy to see water-cooled vehicles as transaxle models. Of course we are also happy about the presence of other brands, especially the »old rivals« from Alfa or BMW.

I see what you mean. And how do you, as the owner of such a vehicle, become aware of the event?

That brings us to the crux of the matter. The cars are something very special for our participants. Meaning: Each of us is connected to his vehicle in a very intensive way. In most cases this goes beyond the pure hobby. We're talking real passion here. You just look around and look for like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas. In 2019, this will generally take place via digital channels. And now we come into play! One knows others or an individual vehicles already from the net. With our event, we are now offering this digital scene the opportunity to come together in real life. Because if we're honest: All these wonderful things like weaver carburetors, turbo sound, forms, colours and the perceptions and conversations associated with them only take place in the real world anyway. So we are class reunion, dating portal and travelling circus in one. You can still find them here: the real guys and originals.

Sounds like a lot of variety - and fun...

We're just an independent event. This ultimately gives us the freedom to do what we want. Year after year we therefore try again and again to meet our own demands and raise the bar even higher. The »bar« should not, however, be misunderstood in this context and referred to other events. We don't look for comparisons, we pay attention to ourselves in the first place, so that at the end of the day we can give all participants an unforgettable experience. This also means that we learn from the mistakes of past events and constantly develop ourselves further. This would be difficult to achieve without the commitment of our partners and the team of volunteers. So at the next encounter as a thank you, take them in your arms or give them a High five.

Are there any negative voices?

Of course there are. And that's a good thing. After all, it would be bad if nobody could express their honest opinion. This event originates in the middle of the scene and is an event for the scene, it represents the scene and lives from the people and their cars. Expectations are correspondingly high, which in turn means that in some cases they cannot always be fully met. Nevertheless, I believe that what we started here in 2015 has contributed significantly to the fact that people now have more options than before. There are a number of alternative events, all of which have different approaches. People don't have the agony, they just have the choice. And the same applies here: That's good!

Okay. Let's try it again: What exactly is waiting for us this year?

Haha, in any case a lot of fun, good conversations and ... well, yes: just let us surprise you. We deliberately chose not to tell. Neither the media, nor the participants themselves. This much may be anticipated: We will have more participants than ever before and each one of them will play a very special role. Just right for our slogan »we the people«, which also plays a central role in our video teaser. Therefore at this point a big thank you to all voluntary participants. On the one hand for their time and patience (with me, haha), but above all for their personal contribution to our teaser, which hopefully heats up the anticipation and makes you want what's coming.