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Stefan Bogner: Dream roads under the snow

With »Escapes - Winter«, serpentine collector Stefan Bogner fulfills his long-held dream of portraying the most impressive Alpine passes and the most important road in Iceland.

Text: Iris Soltau Photo: Presse 22.11.2019 1 min

It’s the time between the first snowfalls and the beginning of the winter sports season that fascinates photographer Stefan Bogner most. Because the mountains don’t present themselves as postcard beauties but seem forbidding and rough: a monotonous landscape with gray and white slopes merging into the sky, and roads that look like black ink lines on a lighter background. “Focusing on the essential always makes me realize what architects and engineers have succeeded in creating in the mountains,” says Stefan Bogner. The results of his winter journey through the Alps and Iceland can be marveled at in Escapes – Winter. Breathtakingly beautiful.