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Standard Project Item No. 2: The Bicycle Titan

First class, Item No. 2: With its Titanium Coffee Racer, the »Standard Project« offers a puristic driving machine for design lovers and passionate cyclists.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Standard Project 14.11.2019 1 min

Whether 356 or 911. A Porsche is timeless. If the »Standard Project« was inspired by this? Instead of fast-moving trends, the still young brand from Munich offers an alternative to the fast-fashion system and develops products with potential to become classics. After a basic shirt, now comes »Item No. 2«: a puristic bike called »Titan Café Racer«. The makers not only do without unnecessary paint in the name, but also on the frame.

This not only ends the discussion about the choice of color, but also directly answers the question about style and safety. The unpainted titanium not only makes the two-speed automatic equipped bike light and elegant, but also particularly strong. In contrast to classic competitors, the bike therefore always retains its original shape. And it doesn't rust, but does offer an optimal riding feeling. Forever, hopefully.