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SR Formica: »I prefer to mix reality and imagination«

Real vacation? Rather difficult these days. But the artistic 3D world of Dani Miras, known as "SR Formica", is always open to us. An invitation we couldn't turn down - including a short conversation about cars, reality and humour.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Presse 26.03.2020 1 min

Hello Dani! Your works all have an aesthetic and slightly surreal appearance.What do you want to express with your art?

Modern 3D-software is a blessing: It gives you the chance to create almost everything you want. There are so many amazing artists reproducing real life in 3D. Personally, I prefer to mix reality and imagination: that’s why I rather distort and decontextualize the objects. The result then seems surreal – but I don’t really feel like an artist, I identify more as a designer.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In my pictures, I like to include objects I personally appreciate. So it’s mainly my own interests, my personal memories, design, furniture and retro aesthetics where I get my inspiration from. And, of course, there are many images I see on Instagram and other platforms every day.

In one of your images, a Porsche 356 convertible can be seen. Other iconic cars appear in your work, too. What's it all about with these classics?

Ever since I was a teenager, I liked the Volkswagen Beetle. And coming with that, all of its family – which also includes the iconic Porsche 356. Therefore, I also bought many books about it. And since then, my interest for classic cars expanded even more!

Your pictures all seem to have a humorous component as well. What does humor mean to you? And why is it so important?

Actually, I never had the intention to make funny or humorous pictures. But I guess that‘s pretty unavoidable when you create rather surreal or »weird« scenes. About the humor: Especially in times like these, it’s really important and one way to escape from reality sometimes. Just like imagination.