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Spy Game: Masha on a secret Porsche mission

James Bond returns to the cinemas. At least someday. Until then, let's bridge the time with our own agent thriller

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Alexandra Kinga Fekete 11.01.2019 2 min

James Bond returns. This is such an immovable fact as the law of gravity and can be read in the credits of each of the twenty-four films white on black so far. Great! All that remains is the question of when he will actually return, this James Bond.

Because so far the preparations for the new bond part have turned out to be a double zero number in the truest sense of the word. At first Daniel Craig didn't want to play any more ("I'd rather slit my wrists than play Bond again"). Then, four months before shooting began, director Danny Boyle threw in the towel ("artistic differences").

But never say never: Craig does it now and Cary Fukunaga is at least a talented and promising replacement for the director. Only the planned cinema release for this year is now over, new date: February 2020 at the earliest.

Until then, of course, we can't wait for Bond's return. And we just shut down our own agent thriller to bridge the gap. Starring: Maria Astor, better known online under her instagram alias Masha Sedgwick. And while we were already in the process of casting the leading role as a female and thus breaking down Bond's stereotypes, we also exchanged the brand of the company car. With kind regards from Zuffenhausen.

Masha Sedgwick on a secret Porsche mission


Creative: Agency Spingun
Art Direction & Conception: Alexandra Kinga Fekete & Thorsten Osterberger for ramp #44
Copywriters: Maia Frazer & Daniel Eceolaza
Director: Daniel Eceolaza
Cinematography: Moritz Mössinger
Camera Assistant: Camilo Paredes
Gaffer & 2nd Camera: Jonathan Benneteau
Light & Digital Assistant: Paul Rohlfs & Thomas Krüger
Models: Masha Sedgwick & Benjamin Kühnemund
Casting / Locations: Alexandra Kinga Fekete & Thorsten Osterberger
Styling: Thorsten Osterberger & Christian Brach
Make-up: Stefan Kehl
Editor: Daniel Eceolaza
Co-editor: Jack Sharp
Color-grading: Christian Kröhl / CBBB
Original Music by: Garcia Picasso
Sound Design: Philipp Teterin
Production: Thorsten Osterberger / Jack Sharp / Torge Hillnhütter & Danila Teterin
Supported by: Cosmopola / Vada / Oliver Jopke / Kult Models / Fame

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