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Spinzi Design: »This car is like a sculpture to me«

How does an interior & furniture designer fit out his own loft? With a lot of timeless style, of course. For Tommaso Spinzi, this not only includes elegant furniture, but also a white Porsche 911. The taste of the Italian is out of question. But a Porsche being used as furniture is not. We asked the 37-year-old Milanese what it’s about – and Tommaso answered.

Interview: Marko Knab Photo: Antonio Mocchetti 10.06.2020 3 min

Hello Tommaso! How does one come up with the idea to put a 911 G-model in his house ?

Actually, it was a pretty spontaneous thing for me! My space is a container of passion – so why not include one of my toys I thought? I like timeless lines and timeless objects, furniture and so on. And this car is like a sculpture to me.

It still carries a license plate. Do you drive that 911, too? Or is it "just" furniture?

Of course, I drive it. Effectively, I only have to move a few pieces of furniture and the car is out! Next week I’m going up to lake Como where I‘m setting up a new space ‘gallery’ to showcase some of the new furniture pieces I have designed. A great opportunity to drive the car around the lake and on some nice and windy roads!

What makes good interior design for you? And why has it to be meaningful?

Good interior design has to be powerful and represent the lifestyle of the person that lives in the space. At the same time, it still has to be intellectually elegant for everyone. And above all, I believe, it has to be timeless. Then it has a profound effect on people. And it also affects their well-being, I believe.

You said you want your work to represent the lifestyle of your clients. What do your personal loft and the Porsche tell us about you?

My loft is basically a container of my passions. These are cars, furniture, interior design and toys for boys in general – it’s all related to my personal identity. I like to take the same approach when I design a house or a commercial project: Thinking above all about the passion of the people that are going to live in it. And then giving an artistic meaning to the space.

You use a lot of white: Is there a special reason for that?

No, there’s not really a special reason. I like white as much as black and all the shades in between. But starting with this colour is like starting with a blank canvas: it’s really easy to adjust to my future projects. I already painted a few walls in one of my favourite colours – dark Green. Step by step this place changes – as you can already see on my Instagram accounts @spinzidesign and @tomassospinzi.

What is the biggest difference between interior design and car design? And what do they have in common?

The biggest difference? Car design is studied mostly for the outside while interior and furniture are for the inside! (laughs) But jokes aside, both are part of a certain Lifestyle. Your car tells me a lot about you, and so does your interior.

Is there something like a Porsche 911 among furniture for you?

Actually yes! There plenty of furniture pieces that are some kind of similar to the Porsche. Have a look at those leather sofas that are behind the Porsche for example: They are vintage B&B Italia from the 70’s, designed by Tobia Scarpa.

Last but not least: would a Porsche driving interior designer rather prefer speed or style?

That’s and hard one! But If have to choose …. It would be Style first!

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