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Species-appropriate keeping: the Supercar Capsule

What does a car need besides the fuel oil and petrol? Walter Röhrl says: Love. And we think: the right accommodation. With a »Supercar Capsule« at least the latter two things are taken care of.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Presse 09.03.2020 1 min

The genus of supercars is quite well researched in itself: They have a lot of power, prefer to chase around curvy roads and, once brought to the limit of their grip, can behave quite wildly. All this is well known. But how do you keep such a thing in everyday life if it is not on the road getting its essential exercise? The experts from Superfuturedesign and ASZarchitetti have made research and present their answer: it is best to keep it in a »Supercar Capsule«, a tailor-made and exclusive garage for the sports car of choice. The goal of the Arab company with Italian roots: To enable close contact between driver and car even off the tarmac - because mutual trust is a well-known trump card on trackdays. There are no limits to the customers' imagination when it comes to accommodating their mechanical powerhouses: whether a new glazed building in front of the villa or the aesthetic refurbishment of an existing garage - according to the creators, everything is possible. They also consider it absolutely feasible to drive the GT3 RS into the living room. Well then: Who needs a dog or cat in the house when you can also have 520 horsepower?