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SickAlps 2020: Alpine glow in boxer style

Four days, three iconic numbers, two alpine countries and a lot of serpentines: That's how the not-so-every-day SickAlps 2020 excursion can be summed up. 25 air-cooled Porsche 911s provided a lot of driving fun in Austria and South Tyrol - and also lifted the spirits of all participating.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: SSSZphoto · 17.08.2020 3 min

What is joy? It is sometimes difficult to put into words. Let's try it with facts and figures first: a ride together in a Porsche. An inn on the Grossglocknerstraße. Two 400-kilometer tours, 25x 911s, 43 unique participants, countless hairpin bends. Or simply all of it combined. You can also call it »SickAlps 2020«. This is the name of the four-day tour through Austria and the Italian Dolomites organized by Moritz »Flat6High5« Leidel and his wife Kerstin. A short review in pictures - and the words of the participants.


»It was a bit like surfing the perfect wave. When I think back, the first thing that comes to my mind is the colorful group of very relaxed people, who are somehow all on the same wavelength. Even if, like me, you've only known a few of them before, from the first second on it was one big SickAlps family.«

»I won't soon forget the atmosphere after a drive up the mountain pass when twenty-five Porsche's all gather again in a parking lot: They all jump out of the 911s, with the biggest grin on their faces and agree: How awesome was this drive!«


»flat6high5 + SickAlps = indescribable feeling«

»Every day I think back to the SickAlps x times - and I will live on it for a long time, because everyday life catches up with you way too quickly. If I close my eyes, I can catapult myself back into the Alps immediately and feel the tingling in my stomach, in my hands...and in my gas foot! Hear the sound of 25 starting 911 engines and get goosebumps. Pure pleasure for the ears paired with childlike excitement!«

»It was our first trip to the Alps - for the 73 and us. We were torn between the enthusiasm for driving, the tracks, the curves, the breathtaking views in and from the mountains.

»911s as far as the eye could see - in front of us - in the rear-view mirror - almost like an endless string of 911 beads that effortlessly pulled itself up and down the mountains. Amazing! «

»The very best thing was just to share these feelings every morning, every stop, every evening - because every car had fantastic people in it, who, together with the car, formed a distinctive unit. And happiness is more than twice as great when you share it with many!«


»With Kerstin and Moritz, two enthusiasts are in charge. The two have given us all an unforgettable time. Basically the best-tuned engine of our tour!«

»Brothers and sisters on a joint 911 pilgrimage! Old acquaintances met again, new friendships were made. Unique routes, paired with perfectly organized breaks and snacks and a lot of laughing have welded us together.«

»This was one of those 'Remember that time...' weekends. Each of us will bring out our memories when we see another member of our group again. I already know that my body will always secrete happy hormones«


»A unique, unforgettable experience, with cool people, cool cars, and great tracks! I am still flashed from the 'Early Bird Tour' - the sunrise at the Großglockner - after one week. Just great cinema!«

Nicole & Andreas:

»Wow - what a weekend! After SickAlps 2019 this year again the highlight of the year. The serpentine junkie family has grown and we can't wait to take a big dose of adrenaline into our everyday life again next year!«