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Porsche of the Day: Rod Emorys 356 RSR

A better location than the Universal Studios in Los Angeles could not have been found by the makers of the sixth edition of "Luftgekühlt". After all, the exposed Porsche models were above all one thing: ready to be filmed.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Zackary TerZakarian 13.05.2019 1 min

Back to the future! This was not the official motto of the sixth edition of the Porsche fan meeting "Air-cooled". But it would have been a good fit. After all, a handful of air-cooled Porsche parked directly on "Courthouse Square", the archetypal American city square of Universal Studios, which should awaken memories of Flux Compensator and Co. among Marty Mcfly fans. But even without such cineastic references, time travel was a central theme on this day. Like the 356 RSR by Rod Emory. With its flat hood, short overhangs and striking rear end, the converted 356 B is a true reflection of the design tradition of the sixties. The gearshift and suspension, on the other hand, are from a 911 built in 1990. What about the engine? Is a Rothsport four-cylinder boxer with 375 biturbo horsepower. This will take you back to the future. And at full throttle.