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Rimowa x Moncler Reflection: A suitcase not to be forgotten

We'll pack our bags and take with us: Style, innovation and two global brands. In other words: we're taking the Rimowa x Moncler Reflection. Because the pilot's case from the exclusive cooperation of the two companies combines these qualities - without the need to pack it.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Rimowa 06.03.2020 1 min

Who says that only clothing reflects a person's style and attitude? A piece of luggage can also take this role. Such as the suitcase created during the cooperation between Rimowa and Moncler. Only fitting that it is also called "Reflection". Its name refers not only to the shiny aluminium surface of the outer skin, but also to a new type of LED display. Here live ticker-like messages can be displayed in red letters - from the current personal status display to the latest tweet from whoever. What is this? "Based on people's propensity to post their innermost thoughts online, "Reflection" instead translates this digital experience into the physical world, in the form of highly individualized pieces of luggage that can bring out every mood of their owner. Says the inventors themselves. Using an app, the ad can be updated at any time - if you have purchased one of the strictly limited copies. The standard version without display will be launched in June. But by then, the LED cases will surely be trumpeting through the gangways of the world.