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Resourceful: Luis 4D gets the digital curve

Such a 3D visualization can be quite demanding. Like the Nordschleife. At least that's what Luis Koeferler, better known to Instagram users as Luis 4D, thinks. The 19-year-old architecture student from Nuremberg has already made a name for himself as a 3D artist. His favorite motif: the Porsche 911.

Interview: Marko Knab Photo: Luis Koeferler 14.07.2020 2 min

Hello Luis, on your Instagram feed you can see many cars - but most often cars from Porsche. Is that coincidence - or do you have a weakness for the Zuffenhauseners?

Hey! The 911 is the perfect sports car for me: suitable for everyday use, very sporty, yet reliable and simply stylish. The 911 is simply something special. Many people dream of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or other sports cars. Personally, I find an old 911 simply much more expressive and aesthetic.

What makes Porsche so special for you?

It’s what surrounds these cars: A Porsche is never ostentatious, but it looks good. And it is simply the best compromise between aesthetics, sporty driving and everyday practicality.

Five years ago, you started producing images using CGI. What exactly was your path to becoming a 3D artist? Was there a decisive moment?

Actually, it happened relatively spontaneously: I found a tutorial on Youtube during the holidays and wanted to recreate a scene from it. I already had the necessary programs on my computer - I've always been interested in animation. After my first own picture I created my Instagram account @Luis.4d and posted my first renders. In the meantime, I have 550 images. This also brought me in contact with other 3D artists and musicians. So I got orders for cover artworks or music videos.

From the past into the future: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

As a budding architect, of course I prefer to be in an aesthetically pleasing house - and with my favorite person. And of course I wouldn't say no to a Porsche in the garage. (laughs)

Your pictures all have a surreal, often also an Asian flair. At least we think so. How would you describe your style yourself?

It's hard to describe. I just create whatever comes into my head - and of course it varies from time to time. The Asian flair comes from the fact that I find RWB's Porsche conversions - and the things that surround these vehicles - pretty cool. The mixture of the understatement of a classic 911 coupled with these eye-catching colors and the wide body look is simply unique for me.

What do you want to express with your art?

I want to show what is possible digitally! This is also the reason why my style varies so often and cannot really be clearly categorized. But with all this I also want to show the cars and the art of driving in an aesthetic way.

Imagine that your art is a street. What would it look like and what would its course be?

I would compare it with the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. In other words: It's very demanding! Of course there are long straights where you do what you can do. Then again, there are lots of projects that, like difficult corners, challenge you to the extreme and sometimes almost drive you crazy. It's very varied - but also demanding.

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