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Quick tip for a long weekend: Hunting corners in your 911

Holidays are the straight lines among the days: Boring. If you don't fill it with life. And a long weekend is almost an imperative to make time make sense in a Porsche. Curves instead of boredom!

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Joshua Reer 29.05.2019 1 min

Such a long weekend means first and foremost: a lot of free time. Some waste it with sleeping in and similarly meaningful activities. If you want to do something useful, you can get your Porsche some exercise. The question is how and where. We like to be inspired. For example by Sebastian Toddenroth and his “ZylinderWallfahrt” (cylinder pilgrimage). Since 2017, the Senior Transportation Designer has been organizing this Alpine excursion for car designers and petrolheads with an affinity for design - you can expect aesthetically sophisticated curves. For example, between Löweneck and Vetriolo. Or on the route of between Villa Lagarina and Castellano.

The only problem is: Even a long weekend is probably too short for that trip to Italy.