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Prada for Adidas: German-Italian Superstars

Prada and Adidas provide a early Xmas present and launch a joint and strictly limited collection, which Run DMC would have loved as well. But being quick is a must.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: adidas 04.12.2019 1 min

Precision and passion are a good combination. But this doesn't only have to be the case in hip-hop, when a technically perfect flow meets the right portion of passion. But it also works in fashion, as Prada and adidas now prove with a special cooperation: adidas contributes patterns for the Ā»SuperstarĀ« shoe, which became famous thanks to Run DMC, while the Italians contribute their legendary bowling bag. The result is a mini collection made by Prada in Italy, consisting of two limited pieces with a special embossing.

© adidas

In return, the Milan-based luxury goods group is returning to its roots in the leather goods industry and is producing just 700 pieces by hand - per bag and pair of shoes. Walk this Way? Only if you've been especially fast. Or continue searching on dedicated online marketplaces - because on the official adidas website the model was sold out immediately after its release. Nevertheless, there is good news: The limited edition was probably just the start of a larger collaboration.