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Porsche of the Day: Electrified 996

What if not the Taycan but the Porsche 996 had been the first electric sports car from Zuffenhausen? 3D artist Chris Labrooy asked himself this question, too. And visualized the answer on his computer. May we introduce? The "Electrified 996".

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Chris Labrooy 05.02.2020 1 min

We know futuristically styled retro 911s from Chris Labrooy: for example the "Apollo 911" from last year. With the "Electrified 996" the Scottish artist now brings the matching silver counterpart . In contrast to the flying science-fiction sports car, the 996 is down to earth - thanks to a huge wing at the rear. And proves that the you don't always need to fly high to impress. It can also be done by sporting design elements from various 911 generations : classic ducktail like the Carrera 2.7 RS, particularly wide track like the 930 and elegant, continuous tail lights inspired by the current 992.

Labrooy has also reworked the front in the course of his digital conversion: After the electric fresh cell treatment, charging connections and a continuous display can now be found between the headlights equipped with LED lights. On top, the screen shows the current state of the battery by opening or closing displayed flowers. Positive side-effect: the "Electrified 996" also brings an elegant end to the unnecessary fried egg discussions about its headlights.