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Porsche of the Day: 930A

Want it a little more special? With this 911 Turbo called »930A« that is certainly the case. It has been refined by the artist Daniel Arsham and therefore not only has an additional »A« in its name, but also has a cult Apple paint finish and numerous individual details.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Daniel Arsham 22.09.2020 1 min

»The last car that will be built will be a sports car,« Ferry Porsche once said. I wonder if Daniel Arsham was inspired by this to create his futuristic archaeological works with a Zuffenhausen touch? We do not really know. But we do know that the American's retro style and the vehicles from the Stuttgart suburb go together well. The most recent example is the Porsche 930A, created under the artist's direction. Based on a normal 911 Turbo from 1986, he has created a very special unique piece together with selected partners. The most obvious change: a racing-paint inspired by the iconic 935 in Apple colors, combined with specially produced fox rims. These, like many other components on the restored 930, display the artist's logo.

But the unique piece also has something to shows on the inside as well: under the hood, a completely overhauled and drilled turbo engine in Arsham green, in the passenger compartment, two-tone furnishings from »Objects for Living« in beige, lilac and blue. Also on board: a leather steering wheel bearing the Porsche logo and the name of the artist. Combined with fittings in the style of 930s once sold only in Japan, the result is an icon individualized in every aspect. Arsham himself says. And promises even more: further stories and details about the vehicle are to be communicated via his Instagram channel in the course of the week. We remain curious.

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