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Porsche of the Day: The 917 concept study

Back to the future? Works without the DeLorean. Only a few days after the Porsche Museum presented us a 917-001 that had been returned to its original condition of 1969 at Retro Classics, we are now looking ahead on the timeline. This time: in the form of a design study previously kept under lock and key, which optically pays homage to the 917 that clinched Porsche's first victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That was back in 1970. And analogous to this triumph, the racing car transferred into the modern age comes with a red and white paint job and the starting number 23. According to Porsche, the show car was developed by a small team of engineers and designers. The 917, which was transferred to the 21st century, did not go beyond the status of a design study because Porsche bundled all its forces in the LMP1 project with the 919 Hybrid. And that was so successful that it can easily integrate itself into the line of ancestors founded by the 917.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Porsche 11.03.2019