Porsche of the Day: 911 »Crossalp« mit Schneepflug
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Porsche of the day: 911 »Crossalp« with a snow plough

Cool Kit: a Porsche 911 G model with an integrated snow plough? It's only available as a photo montage so far whereby a similar equipment package would not be too bad in view of the current weather situation.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Boxerranch 14.01.2019

As long as the snow plough for the Porsche (seen at Boxerranch) is purely virtual, we'll make do with a few winter driving tips from Walter Röhrl. These are:

  • Adjust - i.e. reduce - the speed
  • Drive even more carefully due to the reduced coefficient of friction: Steer gently, brake gently, accelerate gently.
  • Don't panic if you start sliding! In the ideal case, the slipping should be practised, optimally with a winter driving training.
  • Always drive with the right tires, i.e. good winter tires with the appropriate tread depth.