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Porsche does the holorite: »VR family!«

Long journeys with the family? Some find them boring. But it will change. Together with the tech start-up holoride, Porsche wants to turn every trip into an adventure thanks to virtual reality.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Shutterstock / studiostoks 23.07.2019 2 min

Porsche has always been close to the family's heart. Of course, there never was a better family car than the 911. After all, it helped you get to work and back home faster. More time to have breakfast with the family. And back on time for dinner. Promised the sports car manufacturer in 1992 in an advertising campaign. So far, so nineties.

Almost 30 years later not only the family image has changed - Porsche has also continued to refine the perfect family car and with Panamera, Cayenne and Macan the 911 has got some company from a few four-door models. They make it a bit more comfortable for the family to get in and out of the car, okay. But promising for the future? It will be now.

Porsche vehicles shall become a virtual entertainment world for the passengers. It looks like this: While the driver pilots his sports car through the curves of his choice, the passengers in the rear fly through space. How does that work? With the help of VR goggles that are connected with the vehicle's sensors. Right-hand bend in the Cayenne? Results in a right-hand bend in the game. You got faster to the destination (which can easily happen in a Porsche)? Then the virtual adventure is automatically a bit shorter. The magic word is: Elastic Content. However, we are not talking about the tyres, but about the technology that dynamically adapts the digital content to the real conditions of the journey.

Porsche is working on this with the Munich-based entertainment tech start-up holoride. Within the next three years, the company wants to launch the new form of entertainment on the market with the help of commercially available VR goggles for passengers in the back seat. In addition to the movements of the vehicle, the traffic situation is also to become part of the experience in the long term: Stops at traffic lights would then be unexpected obstacles in the action or would interrupt with a learning program with a short quiz.

This turns the drive on the family trip into a visit to an amusement park. The theme worlds: freely selectable. Beginning with the educational game over the spaceship simulation to the journey into prehistoric worlds. Only the perfect soundtrack is missing. But Sister Sledge already composed it in 1978: "We are family" - or adapted to the 21st century: "VR family".