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Porsche Design Ultra One: Take it easy!

The decision is not difficult: With the new Ultrabook from Porsche Design "Ultra One" in the magnesium version, you can also step on the gas on the data highway.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche Design 21.08.2019 1 min

Magnesium frame, lots of performance and elegant design from Porsche? No, we are not talking about the Martini Porsche of the 917 series, which won Le Mans in 1971. It's the "Ultra One", the new Ultrabook from Porsche Design. The Windows Bolide from 2019 convinces with an i7-8500Y processor from Intel, paired with 16 GB RAM, a 1 TB SSD hard disk and a battery life of ten hours. And above all, of course, with low weight: Only one and a half kilograms with a touchscreen size of 15.6 inches. Conclusion: The decision to buy a PC was rarely so quick or lighthearted. However, a little patience is still required for all lightweight construction and speed: The Porsche among notebooks will not be on the market until mid-September.