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Porsche 911 Targa: connect four

Good things come in threes? Not with the new 911 Targa. As usual, it relies exclusively on four-wheel drive, which distributes the power to all wheels. And thus ensures driving pleasure and traction. But perhaps the most iconic body variant of the 911 has much more to offer. Four reasons why we particularly like the latest edition.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Porsche 18.05.2020 1 min

Style? Sure!

While the roll bar with subsequent glazing on the F-model was introduced due to the safety regulations in the USA, it is now the unmistakable trademark of the Targa. It distinguishes it as a style icon. It goes without saying that the elegant silver of the protection complements all the colors of the Targa palette. On top of that, it still keeps a cool head in addition to the clear lines, without leaving out reason.

Digital foresight

Forward thinking driving is advisable. Even more so when, as in the Targa, things are moving more quickly. The Targa is again well prepared for this and is starting with the new Ā»InnoDriveĀ«: In addition to particularly high-resolution navigation data, the assistance system now also includes an extended distance speed limiter. Also on board: comprehensive connectivity for common streaming services and smartphones.

More is more

Yes, actually, this age old wisdom works in a different way. But in view of the performance of the six-cylinder boxer, we'll rewrite it without further ado. Because the 15 hp extra power of the Targa 4 and the 30 hp extra power of the Targa 4S leave no other conclusion. The Targa 4S owes its 450 hp to a biturbo turbocharger. We're happy to pay for this in platitudes - but double is simply better.


What applies to the refinement possibilities of the Targa in the Porsche Exclusive Manufacture can also be said about the gear changes. With the new Targa 4S, purists can opt for a version with classic manual transmission. In addition to seven gears, this version also comes with the well-known and popular Sports Chrono Package.