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Please take a seat! Porsche 911 and Panton Chair

All from one mould. This certainly applies to the Porsche 911. And it also applies to a chair that can still be found in many apartments and offices after five decades: the Panton Chair.

Text: Michael Petersen Photo: Vitra 08.06.2019 1 min

Sure, some comparisons seem somewhat constructed. But when the year of the Porsche 911's launch coincides with the development of the »first chair from a single mould« for series production, it is probably permitted to point this out. In the case of the design of the 911 designed by Ferdinand Alexander, it can also be aptly described as a »sports car made of one piece«.

Nothing has changed about that to this day. The same applies to the Panton Chair by Danish designer Verner Panton, which has been on the market since 1967. Vitra regularly develops new colour concepts, and the materials used are no longer the same as in the first years of production. Does this not (almost) apply to the Porsche 911 as well?