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Please take a seat! Porsche 911 (993) and table »Ferro« by Piero Lissoni

When it comes to the rounded corners of a 911, the idea of the 993 is close at hand. There is even a table to which this description applies: the Ferro.

Text: Michael Petersen Photo: Schöner Wohnen 10.06.2019 1 min

Let's sit down at a table this time. The »Ferro«, produced since 1994. The magazine »Schöner Wohnen« describes it this way: »Piero Lissoni combines folded sheet steel with a simple, linear shape. The rounded corners, untypical for a dining table, lend it conciseness and recognition. The table is ennobled by the different types of surface treatment: The buyer has the choice between different lacquers, polished metal and copper effect.«

What was that? »The rounded corners lend it conciseness and recognition.« It is not difficult to guess which Porsche this sentence might apply to: Right on for the 911 of the 993 generation. Another sentence applies to table like sports car: »The buyer has the choice between different lacquers.«

Admittedly, there is another common ground that can be argued about: The table is still produced in many variations today. This also applies to the 911. Or is the air-cooled 993 too far away from the current 992 to be mentioned in the same breath as it? We think a 911 is a 911, so it's not even necessary to argue flatly that every Ferro stands on four legs and every 911 on four wheels.