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Photo exhibition Porsche People: The people behind the myth

Aren't we all a little Porsche? These »Porsche People« can definitely say that about themselves. We are talking about the exhibition of the same name in the Berlin »CAPITIS Studios« (until March 7th). Among the artists among others: André Lotterer. Better known as a racing driver. And - probably not for long - unknown as a Leica photographer.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Seita Ohnishi 06.12.2019 1 min

Photographing a Porsche ... ? All right, not everyone can. But many do. Putting the people behind it in an exciting light? Only a few do. But they are all the more passionate about it. Which, of course, is also due to the motives. Because »Porsche People« are mainly driven by: Passion.

At least the photo exhibition of the same name, which starts tomorrow at the CAPITIS Studios in Berlin, shows that. Until March 7th 2020, »Porsche People« shows 50 works from more than seven decades. Moments from the early days, portraits of company founder Ferry Porsche or racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck, 3D illustrations by Chris Labrooy, photographic works by Porsche enthusiasts Amy Shore, Bart Kuykens or Frank Kayser.

Particularly exciting: private pictures of James Dean, which have been lavishly restored and can now be seen for the first time as Fine Art Prints. And photos from the hands of part-time Leica photographer and full-time racing driver André Lotterer. His focus is the same as that of the other photo artists: Exceptionally not only the cars from Weissach and Zuffenhausen, but the people behind them.

Vernissage: Thursday, December 5th 2019, 19h Exhibition: December 6th 2019 - March 7th 2020 Venue: CAPITIS Studios / Berlin, Kronenstr. 71, 10117 Berlin, Germany Opening hours: Wed. - Sat. 12 - 18h and on appointment