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Parking garage view: Peter Kunz' garage studio

The case is crystal clear: Peter Kunz has probably created one of the architecturally most artistic »parking garages« with his »Garagenatelier« (Garage Atelier) in Herdern, Switzerland. And makes a statement even without too much color. Even on the glass surfaces of the front.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Peter Kunz Architects 06.07.2020 1 min

Underground? Not quite: With the »Garagenatelier« in Herdern, Switzerland, architect Peter Kunz proves that even underground garages can architecturally be highly sophisticated. Known for its clear edges and elegant designs, Kunz has transplanted eight parking spaces under a green slope for this purpose. So far so normal - but five of the parking spaces are anything but ordinary. Like the entire »Atelier«, they are made of exposed concrete, but the cube-shaped structures project into the daylight. The glazed front of the cubes allows a view into the garage and the cars accommodated in it, but also makes it possible to look the other way round.

Folded to the side, the pane in the first of the five visible cubes allows the way into the interior. This is supplied with light on the one hand by the five glass surfaces, but also by simple, aesthetically arranged fluorescent tubes. The panes on the front of the cubes are not only light sources and protection against the weather, but also a medium, in keeping with the artistic »Atelier« theme: written by artist Oliver Kühn, texts applied to the glass reflect the relationship between the automobile and the human being. Whereby this can probably be expressed in very few words, at least in the case of the exhibited 911: »Pure driving pleasure«.