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Paperlegend: more than just paper

Making history and writing stories about it? Usually done on paper. Or you do it like Florian Weber: with the paper itself. At the beginning of October, the car designer starts his project »Paperlegend«, which revives automotive classics as unique sustainable sculptures.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Paperlegend 25.09.2019 1 min

As a child you made paper planes. And as an adult? A Paper Porsche! Even after his time with the Zuffenhausen sports car manufacturer, Florian Weber could not keep his hands off the unique proportions and founded »Paperlegend«. With this project, the car designer turned his passion for automobiles and papercraft, i.e. model building with paper as a raw material, into his profession. The handcrafted works of art are available as kits and draw inspiration from icons such as the Porsche 935/78. In Florians papercraft it isn't called » Moby Dick« for licensing reasons, but »Whale Tail«. In addition, he has other classics on offer: Whether from Germany, Italy or Great Britain - the selection is large.

And so is the demand. The recipe for success of »Paperlegend« also includes the fact that Florian always has an open ear for his customers. When designing future models, the customer's wishes are taken into account and the future of the start-up is worked on together. The automotive history is revived in up to 12 colors. In contrast to the old racing classics the paper models are really sustainable: For each model sold, a tree is planted and the paper used is FSC-certified. So it can look beautiful and is environmentally conscious, the love of classic cars.

Paperlegend launches on Kickstarter October 8th. If the financing target is reached, Florian Weber plans to deliver the first paper sculptures before Christmas.