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Out of this world: Lego ISS

A Lego set out of this world: With the international space station ISS, the Danish building blocks now take off. ...into orbit around the Earth.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Lego 10.02.2020 1 min

After the party? Is before the party. No, we haven't missed Christmas. We're doing it just like the astronauts on the International Space Station. After Christmas, they store their Christmas tree in one of their space station chambers instead of dumping it into space. Very laudable. Meanwhile, we are storing the newly released Lego kit of the ISS as the perfect gift for Christmas 2020. The 864-piece model not only contains the station itself, but also its movable robot arm, a dockable mini-shuttle and two astronaut figures. When fully assembled, the result is a 31-centimetre long, 20-centimetre high and 49-centimetre wide model that fits perfectly on a stand. Of course, you can also assemble it and set it up today. The only question that remains is: what do we give for Christmas then?